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Rome wasn't built in a day: the Palatine Hill & the Roman Forum

A couple of days ago, I went to the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum with a friend of mine, L..
So, I thought it could be helpful to write some tips for you and whoever would like to visit Rome - that's why I decided to write this post in English. ^_^

The area we visited is the one enclosed between via dei Fori Imperiali, via di San Gregorio, via dei Cerchi and via di San Teodoro. You can get off the metro B (blue line) at Colosseo or Circo Massimo - it depends on which one you want to visit first. If you want to visit the Colosseum first, get off at Colosseo, otherwise you can get off at Circo Massimo, 'cause the entrance to the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum is in via di San Gregorio.

Google Maps

You can get a ticket to visit the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum plus the Colosseum for 12 euros, which is valid for 2 days. One entrance each only. If you don't have time enough, you can make it in one day, but if you can, spend there two days - and bring a beach towel with you, chill out on the Palatine Hill, and get a nice tan. It's worth it! ^_^

My ticket

The tour to the Palatine Hill and The Roman Forum will take longer than the Colosseum's. So, now you know that and you can manage your time. Once you exit, you can't enter again - even though the ticket is valid for 2 days, remember it is valid 1 entrance for the Colosseum and 1 entrance for the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum! The two entrances are detatched, so you have to get out of one to get in the other.
Pay attention: if you start your tour with the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, make sure you visit the Palatine first (it's on the left) and then the Roman Forum (on the right), so you'll get out at the exit in front of the Arch of Titus, the closest exit to get to the Colosseum.
Don't worry, it's more complicated to write it than to do it! ;)

Let's have a look at some views.

Outside: Palatine, from via del Circo Massimo.

Inside: Palatine. Views on the Colosseum.

Palatine. Views on St. Peter's dome.

Palatine. Views on the Vittoriano and the Capitol (back).

The Palatine Hill was one of the seven ancient hills of Rome.

Palatine. View on the Roman Forum.

The Roman Forum was the centre of Roman public life.

The Roman Forum. Views on the Colosseum.

Outside: the Arch of Constantine, the Colosseum - on its right - and the Roman Forum - on its left.

Some Japanese taking pics at the Colosseum. Isn't it funny? ^_^

And me! ^_^

I'm so pale that I can reflect the sun and you can't see my face! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this little tour in my good old city! If this is the case, I'll post more pics and tips - let me know! ^_^
By the way, today is a special anniversary, so...

Happy 2766th, Rome! 

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  1. Ciao, arrivo da te grazie alla bellissima iniziativa di kreattiva.
    Mi sono subito unita ai tuoi followers visto che il tuo blog mi piace davvero tanto.
    Se ti va passa da me, mi farebbe molto piacere,

    Un caro abbraccio..
    A presto...

    1. Ciao Lucia, benvenuta!

      Mi fa piacere sapere che il mio umile blogghettino ti piaccia, appena ho un attimo di relax passo da te!

      Ciao! ^_^

  2. Ciao, partecipo all'iniziativa di Kreattiva e mi sto facendo un giro per i blog che ancora non conosco.
    Ora sono tua nuova follower :)
    Che belle queste foto, mi hai ricordato il mio viaggio a Roma a 18 anni!!!
    A presto ^___^

    1. Ciao, benvenuta!

      Il nome del tuo blog sa di magia, di incanto. Ho dato un'occhiata, appena ho un attimo di relax mi soffermo con più calma!


    2. Lovely tour! Looking forward for a new one!
      Ciao, mi sono unita anche io al tuo blog, mi sembra davvero interessante e simpatico!
      A presto!
      P.S. siamo concittadine...?

    3. Ciao Paola, benvenuta! ^_^

      Sì sì, siamo concittadine! ;)
      Ci leggiamo, ciao!


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