mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

Shabby Blogs & 10 Random Things About Yourself

A few days ago, I happened upon Shabby Blogs'

and wanted to take part. Now it's late, but not too much - the list will close in less than an hour! - I can make it! ^_^
Here's my list!

1. I'd like to have something crunchy to eat right now, but I'm sick and I can't.
2. I'm deathly afraid of pigeons and any other flying chickens!
3. I got drunk for the first time when I was seven with my grandpa's red wine.
4. I don't like coffee, but I love its smell when I wake up!
5. I like travelling - it makes me a better person.
6. I love bikes.
7. I love chocolate, but I don't like chocolate ice cream flavour.
8. I like reading and writing in any languages I can.
9. I'm a translator, a volleyball referee and, in my previous life, I should have definitely been a doctor!
10. I'm not much of a cook, but I make my concoctions from time to time.

Ciao ciao! ^_^

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