venerdì 6 settembre 2013

VeganMoFo: Merenda

Hello guys,

how are you doing? 

Since I told you about the little gift I got from my neighbour on the right, it seems to me very mean not to mention the little gift I received from my neighbour on the left! ;)

I got figs (from her fig-tree), so many that they couldn't fit one shot, but they could perfectly fit my belly! ;) So, that's (a part of) my snack this afternoon, some iced peach tea!

What about your afternoon snacks in sweet September?

6 commenti:

  1. Adoro i fichi! In Quebec non abbiamo purtroppo, la fortuna di coltivare ne. Queste del tuo vicino di destra sono magnifici!

    La mia collazione preferita resta i frutti: meloni, pesca, mele...

    Merci Internet ;)

    1. Riesci a mettermi sempre di buonumore! ^_^

    2. Tant mieux, puisque ton dernier billet m'a paru plus mélancolique.


  2. Yum! It must be so great to live next to someone with fruit trees!

    1. Hi Jojo, welcome! ^_^

      Yes, it is, and it is even better when you have some fruit trees - my lemons are almost ripe! ;)

      I had a look at your blog, it's really nice and I like your cupcakes!

      Ciao ciao! :)

  3. These figs look so beautiful and fresh! It seems that whenever I can find fresh figs in Canada, they are very expensive, plus they start not to look so fresh. They're still tasty though, but I can just imagine how fresh those ones tastes.


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